Monday, February 9, 2009

The President’s Press Conference

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At this evening’s press conference President Obama clearly stated his position and his policy.

An economic crisis confronts us: A crisis so severe that it requires a drastic and a prompt response. And the economic stimulus package that will emerge from Congress and that the President will sign is the best response under all the circumstances.

The House Democrats want more, but there is no way they can get more.

The House Republicans want less, but they fail to understand that Reaganomics is not appropriate.

The Senate Democrats have their eye on the prize, but can’t obtain the prize on their own. They need help.

The Senate Republicans……. See comments on House Republicans above.

The Senate Centrists (Democrats and Republicans) see the big picture and will do what it takes to pass the measure.

The President is wise enough to know that half-a-loaf is better than none. He won’t hold out for the ideal and thereby lose an opportunity to obtain the good.

© 2009 Michael B. Lehmann

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