Friday, October 3, 2008

Minus 159,000


Nonfarm employment fell by 159,000 jobs in September according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report (

Update the chart below with that data and you can see we are in recession. It’s just not official yet.

Job Growth

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Recessions shaded

Will the bailout stop the economy’s slide? It can’t. It’s too late. There’s too much bad news and the economy is deteriorating at too rapid a rate. The choice before us now is: Bad recession or horrible recession, not whether or not there will be a recession.

If the bailout works, we’ll have a bad recession that lasts quite a while. If the bailout doesn’t work, we’ll have a horrible recession that lasts even longer.

Stay tuned.

(The charts are taken from [Click on Seminars and then Charts.] Go there for additional charts on the economy and a list of economic indicators.)

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